Velvet Catsuits For Every Dance Performance

There is no need to look any further for velvet catsuits after you have come to Dance Clothes UK. They have so many different catsuits that you can choose from, with velvet being one of the hottest. Whether you are looking for something to perform in, or just looking for attire to wear for fashion [...]

Velvet Catsuits With Zips Front Or Back Available Online Now

For those who are looking for great velvet catsuits, or any other material quality or design for their new catsuits, you will find that a zipper front or back style of velvet catsuits is one which will make for the ideal level of comfort and for a great design and style. When you are looking [...]

Zipped Catsuits In Black Smooth Velvet

These velvet catsuits are stylish and very trendy. They are comfortable and reflect the current trend of fashionable dancewear. Stretchable fabric of the catsuit ensures freedom of movement.  It can be worn with or without stirrups and is available in a variety of sizes.  Long sleeves and polo neck create a skin tight fit. Velvet [...]

Velvet Catsuits In All Colours of Smooth and Crushed Velvet

Finding Coloured Velvet Catsuits For Dancing is easy. When most people think of a velvet catsuit they think of the crushed black velvet catsuits that all dancers have.  Black, however, is not the only color the velvet catsuits come in.  There are other options as well.  DanceclothesUK produces them in a rainbow of colors to [...]

Velvet Catsuits In Crushed Or Smooth Velvet Available Online

Velvet Catsuits Have you been looking for a new dance suit? Do you need a suit that catches attention, is easy to move in, and will make you look like a star? Well that’s right here! What you need is a velvet catsuit that is made to be flexible and easily manoeuvred, sharp and stylish, [...]

Velvet Catsuits Available On Line Now

Catsuit Fun Catsuits are fun for a costume, the gym, lounging, or anything!  Catsuits come in a variety of fabrics, styles, and colors, and are for men, women and children. Take the metallic catsuit.  In a black Lycra spandex style, it can’t be beat.  You can have long or sleeveless; full back; keyhole style back; [...]

Velvet Catsuits In All Colours Available Online Now

Amazing Velvet Catsuits Are you looking for velvet catsuits? We have soft, and sleek, velvety catsuits that are not just for dance. These elegant catsuits make extravagant wear to go out on the town. They come with or without sleeves, full back, keyhole style back, scoop neck, and polo neck. You can also purchase them [...]

Turquoise Velvet Catsuits

When choosing to buy Turquoise Velvet Catsuits, or any other color catsuits for that matter, shoppers will find that if they turn to they are going to find exactly what they are hoping for. From the right tone and color of the catsuits, to the sizing, and the option to buy for both men [...]

Burgundy Velvet Catsuits

For customers who are looking for great Burgundy Velvet Catsuits, or any other color catsuits, you will find that when you choose to shop with you are bound to find all options, styles, colors, and design prints for the catsuits you are buying. Whether it is part of a uniform, or whether you are [...]

Royal Blue Velvet Catsuits

When choosing a great style costume, velvet catsuits or royal blue catsuits are a great choice for anyone to choose. Not only will the Royal Blue Velvet Catsuits stand out and really make a statement when they are worn for a performance piece, but the great quality and the designs and options you will find [...]